Artificial intelligence

is a game-changer for renewable energy

Artificial Intelligence: it’s time for implementation

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to unlock the vast potential of renewables. Failure to embrace it means risking falling behind the curve.

  • The powerful prediction capabilities of AI will lead to improved demand forecasting and asset management.

  • The automation capability of AI can drive operational excellence in many crucial areas.


​Ai will enhance solar and wind generation plants for better output efficiency, by utilizing the AI for better weather forecasting which will adjust the generation devices to the best positions.

AI Based Forecast


​By robotics drones powered by AI, it can detect any troubles in the solar PVs, and help for cleaning the surfaces in addition to monitor overheated cells, Banish flocks of birds for the panels

​The renewable energy sector will gain its returns when it implements AI smart technologies to save a lot of wasted energy and maximizing the plant efficiency